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Princess Backpack and Benjamin has been heard on WFDU in New York City, KDHX in St. Louis, WAWL, PRX, and Kinderling Radio in Australia, where it was selected as a High Five album of the week! 


Benjamin and I spent a lot of time writing these songs for kids all over the place. A boy once asked for a song about griffins, so that's on there. A girl once said she had turned her brother to pizza, so we took her at her word and put it in a song. There are pandas, bubble wrap, knocking on doors, jumping, and fighting to stay awake long enough to see your dad when he comes home from work.

As far as the music, there's all sorts. Folk, funk, rock, Americana, pop (for the bubble wrap, of course) and more. Lots of fun instruments and music to make you dance and move. So dive right in! We'll have a blast!